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Cape Cod

This simple 1 1/2-story design, with its distinctive peaked roof, shutters and central front door, is an American classic. Usually a frame structure, the basic design comes in many variations featuring dormers, bay windows, decorative trim, etc.


The colonial home features a rectangular design often distinguished by sash windows with small panes and shutters and an overhanging upper story and fireplaces. Accents vary widely, and include pillars, fanlight windows, dormers and paneled doors.


All rooms are on a single level in a ranch house, which usually has a rectangular or L-shaped design. Room layout is usually simple, with an emphasis on openness and efficient use of space.

Dutch Colonial

A popular style of two-story house featuring a sloping gambrel roof line with flared eaves and a simple, compact layout. Shutters are a common accent.


Most people think of a new roof as just a contractor installing new shingles and nails. But savvy homeowners know better! Today, effective roofing systems rely on advanced material technology and an integrated systems approach to protect your biggest asset— your home.


Split Level

A suburban favorite, these houses are designed to make efficient use of space. Typically, the living area leads up a few steps to the bedrooms and down a few steps to utility and rec rooms slightly below ground level.


This simple but distinctive design, seen most often in New England where it originated, features a flat front and steeply sloped rear roof line. Usually of frame construction, saltbox houses come in many colors and sizes, and commonly feature a fireplace.


A quaint English country-style house that incorporates a pseudo-thatched roof (usually made of shingles); prominent chimneys; a rolling, uneven roof line and low doors. The windows usually have small panes.


A compact 1 1/2-story house that usually contains small rooms and a front porch (often enclosed). Bay windows are a common accent.

Beach House

These houses feature a wide porch on three or four sides, supported by narrow posts or pillars and railings, sometimes elaborately carved. A hipped roof is common. Beach Houses have many doors and windows for cross ventilation.

Farm House

Usually of frame construction, they generally have a front roof line and recessed entrance. They may feature pillars across the front, or, more frequently, only pilasters to give a hint of columns.

These lavishly ornamented houses combine an eclectic mix of style elements, from elaborate gingerbread trim to towers, many-tiered roof lines, stained glass windows, even an occasional widow's walk on the roof. High ceilings, hardwood floors, porches and dramatic stairways are common. Several colors of paint may be used on exterior walls and trim.



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